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Hand painted

Colour is very influential in our lives. Barely a day will go by where we are not making some form of decision based on colour.

Colour evokes so many emotions within us – we can create certain moods, atmospheres and feelings. Such is the power of colour, that we often describe emotions in this way, such as going white, feeling blue, seeing red, looking grey etc.

Achieving the right colours gives us an extension of sense and feeling of who we are.

Within the home, it’s about choosing what makes you feel comfortable, what excites you or what makes you feel good. Different rooms will demand different colours, as will different furniture sets or pieces.

It’s about what you want to achieve in terms of feeling: is it a warm, welcoming feel you’re after, or an upbeat vibrancy, or is it a tranquil, calming feel you’re looking to achieve?

All colours will look different depending on whether being viewed with natural light or some form of artificial light. Again, colour will be affected by the surroundings and medium  to which they will be placed against: different flooring, wall finishes etc will all play quite a part in how we perceive the colour.

We understand this, and why, at Cleary & Hall, we pride ourselves on having some of the finest colour consultants in the industry. Our decorative artists will talk you through and advise on not only the actual finishes, but also of course, on actual colours. We will hand mix colours to achieve and create something that is not nearly right, but exactly right. And of course, all this will take place in the comfort of your home, where everything can be viewed together… under the right light.

It’s true our paint comes out of a tin, but only when it’s been perfectly mixed by us…