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We source and buy our handles from all around the world. Some we have made exclusively for us. Regardless, all are of exceptional quality, as you’d expect.

Here are a few samples:


Bottom left, clockwise:

  1. Polished nickel barrel with dark leather, set on engraved polished nickel back-plate. Set on a black walnut framed door, with hand woven metal trellising and special Acoustic mesh behind.
  2. Engraved, polished nickel elliptical pull.
  3. Polished nickel, nickel with leather, nickel with brushed chrome… and chrome stalactites.
  4. Elliptical handles in differing sizes; Pininfarina flared handles; traditional pulls with a classic re-styling.
  5. As above
  6. Featuring semi-circular nickel handle with inset leather; mother-of-pearl with polished nickel; dark shellac with mother of pearl.
  7. Leather strap handle with polished nickel cover plates. Often used for internal pull-outs.
  8. Molten silver; very dramatic when used with certain pieces of furniture.
  9. Egg and stem; the ‘egg’ part is in alu-pewter finish, and we make the ‘stems’ from any wood.

More materials