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Commission 298 Commission 298 Commission 298 Commission 298 Commission 298 Commission 298

Commission 298

Commission 298

We were commissioned to come up with a very unusual, truly bespoke piece of furniture that had to serve a specific purpose, whilst fitting into a room that was already strongly stylised; upon first viewing the area, it was clear that the room had been themed with strong geometric shapes, in a plethora of finishes and materials.

The piece we had to come up with was sited near to the garages, from where this busy family would typically enter and leave the house.

Using an existing alcove to take much of the depth required for hanging storage, the upper section of the alcove was infilled to the ceiling, so as to make our design more cohesive.

Narrowing the wood down to either stained oak or black walnut, it was decided on the latter, as it lent itself better to the other materials and finishes we were looking to use.

These consisted of: rectangular Caplain gold leafing, running vertically behind toughened glass to the doors (although gold leaf, this has a slight mushroom colouring that sat well with the walnut and faux ostrich skin); the black walnut circles; antique mirror slips, flanked by faux ostrich skin Latte; horizontal thin mirror slips to the base and top sections; 4 x shaped metal plates to the sides of each base seat and front push-catch drawers; dark shell with polished nickel handles; textured stainless steel base linings to the pull-out children’s shoe trays; internal motion detector light rail.