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Sort Boot Rooms Utilities and Settles

Commission 319

Crafts Room – Warwickshire

Not wholly in the style, necessarily, but for what the room was designed and is used for. Well that, and flower arranging…..

Designed so as at least two people can use it at the same time, a lot of specific storage had to be allowed for, whilst at the same remaining bright and inspiring!

All manner of vases and other objects were measured prior to the design being carried out, with shelf positions and drawer heights made accordingly.

A place for a TV was a must, as was a light box. Light box? This is where photographs can be taken of flower arrangements, or the final artefact that has been made. To this end, we used photographic vinyl, a drop-down shelf to support or stand the item to be photographed, and a number of concealed lights within, to flood the subject without creating lines or shadows.

Luckily, one of our Technical Designers is a keen photographer and was on hand within the workshop for sound advise!