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Your Questions

Answers to commonly occurring questions.

1. Q: How far do you travel?
A: We’ve worked on projects pretty much throughout every county in Britain. Further afield, we have worked in Southern Ireland, Isle of Man, France and Spain.

2. Q: Is there an initial cost in having a Cleary and Hall design?
A: No. We present a fully drawn up design together with accurate quotation without charge. If travelling abroad or overseas, we will simply ask for a contribution in travel costs.

3.Q: We are at the early stages of planning a new extension. At what point is it best to ask you to design and quote?
A: Quite simply, the earlier the better. We are very used to working from architects plans and we can often come up with some wonderful solutions that can very easily be blended into the overall project at an early stage of planning.

4.Q: What cost is associated to a typical Cleary and Hall kitchen?
A: For the furniture, appliances, worktops and installation, our kitchens start at around £30,000, with a fully fitted dressing room typically starting at around £15,000
That said, every project is different and unique, depending on materials used – appliances installed etc.

5.Q: Can you liaise with our building contractors, or do you prefer to use your own?
A: Either. We are perfectly happy and used to providing detailed plumbing and electrics specifications for your contractor. Similarly, and if necessary, we can bring in an and manage builders, expert tilers, electricians and decorators as necessary.

6. Q: How long does it take to make and fit a new Cleary and Hall kitchen?
A: Typically, it takes between 8 and 12 weeks to hand build a new kitchen, then 2 weeks to fit and an additional week to 10 days if hand painted.

7. Q: How durable is your hand-painted finish?
A: Very. We apply 2 primed coats in our workshops, a further 2 base coats on site, and then the decorative finishes. Finally, a highly protective clear lacquer is applied.

8. Q: Can you advise on other aspects of the design?
A: Gladly. We know exactly just how important other aspects of the design are, such as flooring, lighting etc, and how they can have such an influence.

9. Q: Can you provide a temporary kitchen whilst the main works are being carried out?
A: Yes, and do so on a regular basis. It is especially useful if carrying out works in a utility at the same time, as the works can be dovetailed to cause minimum disruption to daily life.

10. Q: Do you have showrooms?
A: We have deliberately steered away from having showrooms to keep our overall costs down. We do, however, have two large workshops and you are very welcome to visit these, view how we operate and to see how we make our furniture. Many of our clients have enjoyed seeing their furniture actually being made!

11. Q: Are all of your materials from sustainable sources?
A: Yes. We are very strict from where we source our timber and ensure that all of it has full FSC certification.
Further, we are assured that the faux baby ostriches have been well treated.

Other questions?
We would be delighted to answer any specific questions that you may have – that may not have been answered above.
Please contact Cleary and Hall [email protected] or 01926 492006.